Using the Loebner Prize Protocol (LPP) in the Loebner Prize Contest (Turing Test).

This can only be used in conjunction with the new LPP & ai_old_protocol.html Please note: There are some issues with the new LPP, please check for more details. The AISB are again hosting this years Loebner Prize Contest.

All communications between the judge & the chatbot are carried out in the 'Communications folder'.
The program, on startup must display a folder selection dialog box, or an input box on the user interface, to
allow the judge to set the 'Communications folder'.
Once done the chatbot monitors this folder for folder names ending in '.judge'.
The judge always starts communications.
A list of folders may look something like this,

Any words will need to be replaced with a char from the list of special chars.

A folder with a name ending in 'Return.judge' signifies the end of this message.
The chatbot should now extract the chars from the folder names to make 'hello'.
Words need to be converted in chars, from the list of special chars.
The chatbot should now delete the ENTIRE contents of the 'Communications folder'.

The chatbot should now convert it's response into a series of folders, consisting of
1) a number, which must increase with each new folder throughout the full conversation.
2) a char(which may need to be converted into a special word) from the response
3) .other extention

So the response of 'hi there' should be converted in to a series of folders named
000000000090.Return.other (tells judge this is the end of your message.)

some chars may need to be replaced with a word from the list of special chars.

'{': "braceleft";
'}': "braceright";
'[': "bracketleft";
']': "bracketright";
'(': "parenleft";
')': "parenright";
' ': "space";
',': "comma";
'.': "period";
'>': "greater";
'<': "less";
'/': "slash";
'\\': "backslash";
'|': "bar";
'"': "quotedl";
''': "quoteright";
'\t': "tab";
'=': "equal";
'_': "underscore";
'+': "plus";
'-': "minus";
'!': "exclam";
'@': "at";
'#': "numbersign";
'$': "dollar";
'%': "percent";
'*': "asterisk";
'^': "asciicircum";
'~': "asciitilde";
'`': "quoteleft";
'&': "ampersand";
'\n': "Return";
':': "colon";
';': "semicolon";
'?': "question";
backspace: "BackSpace";


Create a judge program, with a user interface for setting 'Communications folder', a text area for displaying conversation & an input box.

Enter message into input box and on hitting return, convert text into a series of folders, as detailed above.
Add 'XXXXXXXXXXX.Return.judge' to the end of the list.
Add message to text area.
Monitor Communications folder, for folders ending in '.other'
Convert folder names into a message(as detailed above) and add to text area.
Send next message, and so on.

Run chatbot & set 'Communications folder'.
Run judge program & set 'Communications folder'.
Enter message into judge program input box.
Check Communications folder for folders been created & deleted.


Test using the new LPP & ai_old_protocol.html(which connects the new LPP to the old LPP).
Download & install Express &
Download the new LPP2 from GitHub

Open cmd prompt/dos box to the folder containing server.js.
Enter (you need to be connected to the internet when you do this)
npm install --save express@4.15.2 (change if different version)
npm install --save
npm install --save
npm install --save serve-static

if all is well
node server.js
which should display 'listening'

Set 'var EXCHANGE_DIRECTORY' in ai_old_protocol.html, to your choice of Communications folder.
Then open controlPanel.html, judge.html, ai_old_protocol.html & confederate.html in a browser.
Run chatbot and set 'Communications folder', making sure that it matches 'var EXCHANGE_DIRECTORY' in ai_old_protocol.html.
Enter text into both input boxes on judge.html.
All being well a message from your chatbot should be displayed.
if not
Check 'Communications folder' match & folders are been created.
Check confederate.html for messages sent and received from judge.html

More info on a direct connection to the new LPP using Java here Loebner Prize Forum

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